Who is the black feminist geek?



I’m Sharon Lynn: carefree black girl, feminist killjoy, and self-confessed basement nerd. My ideal world is one where Tyler Perry is banned from making movies, intersectional feminism is mainstream, and Richonne is canon.

When I’m not online taking Harry Potter debates way too seriously, you can find me clandestinely reading fanfiction on my phone or taking ghosthunting classes.

My first novel (an urban sci-fi feminist adventure of epic proportions) will be hitting the market within the next three years, if my to-do list stays up to date. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter @SLPruitt and @theblackfemgeek.

7 thoughts on “Who is the black feminist geek?

  1. I loved your piece with Afro Punk! It was great. Things that I felt as well! I’m glad I was introduced to you and your work. Keep going!


      1. Crime shows, comedy shows or even talk shows or youtubers! If you have something I can reccomend to my students (13-15 years old) that would be great too!


    1. Awww, awesome, thanks! Unfortunately it’s slim pickings when it comes to TV shows with non-white female leads, but “How To Get Away With Murder” has a fairly diverse cast, and Viola Davis just completely kills it every week. It’s worth watching based on her performance alone.


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