Magneto Was Right: A Brief Word On How I Found Black Pride Through Fictional Oppression

X-Men and I go way back.

I first got into comics when I was in middle school and started using my meager allowance to keep up with “Ultimate X-Men.” Before that, I’d watched “X-Men Evolution” religiously, and went to see every movie in the Bryan Singer X-Men series as soon as they hit theaters. (I’d then spend the waiting period between theatrical and DVD releases writing expansive fanfiction and imagining the day when my mutant powers would manifest and I could finally join the brotherhood.) Continue reading “Magneto Was Right: A Brief Word On How I Found Black Pride Through Fictional Oppression”

My Patron Saints of Black Girl Geekdom

We all have those characters. Maybe she was the first black girl you ever witnessed having actual lines on a sci-fi show. Maybe it was her presence that let you know that girls like you could exist in those worlds.

Often their roles are small but in the color-starved oasis of genre television, the appearance of such characters can feel life-affirming for marginalized viewers. These are the characters whose stories have meant the most to me and who I clung to during a rocky adolescence. Their images would be preserved in the stained glass windows of my black girl nerd temple if I had one. They’re kinda like my patron saints, I guess; like, to the point where I’ve mentally planned the black and white half-sleeve I’d get of them if I wasn’t afraid of needles, but that’s another story.

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