the black feminist geek

The Black Feminist Geek is made up of black feminist musings, unapologetic snark, and flagrant fangirling. It is part personal blog, part online magazine, but more than anything, it is a celebration of black women.

It’s for the black girls who always got the side-eye in class for bringing up sexism/racism/misogynoir in their literature classes.

It’s for the black girls who loves fantasy and sci-fi but don’t love the erasure and racism so often found in those genres.

It’s for the black girls who can’t help but sigh every time a feminist website tries to convince her that Amy Schumer/Tina Fey/Amy Poehler/Whoever is our new feminist savior, because feminism should be about solving more than just #WhiteGirlProblems.

It’s for the nerdy feminist who doesn’t believe that criticism of a thing equals hatred of said thing.

It’s for the black woman who is tired of explaining that interests in 90s R&B and World of Warcraft are not mutually exclusive, because liking geeky things doesn’t mean you have to scorn everything associated with blackness.

The Black Feminist Geek is cultural criticism and cosplay, feminism and fantasy, spaceships and solidarity. It’s geek life, all with a black feminist focus.

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Still not sure if you’re in the right place? Don’t even trip. I gotchu. This simple true or false quiz will clear everything right up.

  1. I’m an unrepentant nerd but I’m really over the default POV found on a lot of geek sites. We’re not all white dudes who hate social justice and being “PC,” and when what you’re reading assumes that’s your identity it’s pretty off-putting.
  2. I’m a feminist but my main feminist icons aren’t Hilary Clinton and Jennifer Lawrence. My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.
  3. The casual disrespect of black women that occurs in a lot of supposedly pro-black spaces is not cute. It’s a problem, and it’s not OK just because the black women you’re insulting aren’t viewed as “respectable” black women. Being pro-black shouldn’t mean “pro-black women as long as they dress right and don’t have too much sex and don’t give birth to children out of wedlock and aren’t too aggressive when it comes to questioning gender roles in the black community.” Miss me with the respectability politics.

If you answered “True,” “Too True” and/or “F*** Yeah” to any of these questions, congratulations: you’re home. Take your hair down. Get comfortable. Let’s talk.

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