In Defense Of Hufflepuffs Everywhere

I’ll admit it: in middle school, I talked shit about Hufflepuffs just like everyone else. It was the cool thing to do. I was a Ravenclaw – intelligent, clever, and not as…non-descript as I imagined Hufflepuffs were.

But as I got older, I realized my values had changed. I didn’t feel like intelligence and wit are what I valued more than anything else. After all, what good is intelligence if you don’t use it to help other people? Being kind to others, doing your best to be a “good” person – that’s what I had come to value most of all, in myself and in others.

Being a Hufflepuff does not mean that I’m not brave or smart or ambitious; it means that I value helping others above all those things – above glory, above looking smart, above personal gain. I use the traits that other houses value most in the pursuit of helping others and bettering the world around me, and I don’t think that’s boring at all, you hateful f**ks.

Honestly though? I feel like, half the time, people only want to claim Gryffindor because Harry’s a Gryffindor (but Harry’s dumb af so the joke’s on you). But far be it from me to slander these other houses. I could roast them to infinity and beyond but that’s not the Hufflepuff way.

But I will say this. Our house is Rowling’s favorite, so all you haters can go ahead and suck on that the next time you wanna start talkin’ that slick shit about how Hufflepuffs are just ‘there’ and don’t do anything.

Plus, Jesus was probably a Hufflepuff. Just saying.

Look at this dude. He was a Hufflepuff, and ok, he died in the movie, but now he’s cool enough to be dating FKA Twigs. Get on our level.

Look, I take it way too personally when people come for Hufflepuffs. I acknowledge that I have a problem. I may be a real-life adult but nothing gets me more defensive than when someone starts talkin’ out the side of their mouth about my Hogwarts house.

Everyone’s always coming for Hufflepuffs like they don’t want the people closest to them in their life to be patient, loyal, and good at hugs. Whatever, man. Stay mad. Just don’t come crawling to me when your Slytherin boyfriend double-crosses your ass trying to get a come-up, either.

And now, I turn to you, fellow badgers. It’s time for the hate to stop. It’s time to stop hiding. Let the healing begin, my brothers and sisters. Come out from beneath that cloak of darkness and wear your colors proudly in the light of day. Put Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” on repeat, and show off – on your Facebook pages and your phone cases, be not afraid to flaunt your house proudly.

If you need any further inspiration, just check out Eddie Redmayne’s bomb ass Hufflepuff PSA.

So, any Hufflepuffs in the building? Do you ever get shit for your Hogwarts house? Do you think Eddie Redmayne is cute or weird-looking? (And if you’re not a Hufflepuff, did I manage to offend you with my saltiness? Let me know in the comments so I can apologize!)

2 thoughts on “In Defense Of Hufflepuffs Everywhere

  1. I fee like the Sorting Hat would have had some real trouble choosing between Slytherin or Hufflepuff for me.:-D
    I mean I like helping people but there is a little bit of evil mastermind in me, too.


  2. I’m a Slytherin and I have never understood why anyone hates on Hufflepuff! I have friends in all of the houses, and we appreciate the positive qualities in each other (and understand the negatives). I call Hufflepuffs the “MVPs”. While Slytherins and Gryffindors are clawing their way to glory and Ravenclaws are philosophizing, you are the ones getting the thankless shit done and are secure enough to not need all the credit. And come one- Cedric. AMAZING. Girl, hold onto that ‘Puff pride. Badgers are awesome. (I love Harry tho and he’s not dumb so take it back. 😦 J/k it’s your blog you can say what you want but I LOVE MY BBY).

    Seriously though, don’t discount the value of a Slytherin friend… to paraphrase something I saw on Tumblr (which is quite accurate)- we will steal cupcakes for you from work and tell you to drop toxic people from your life with no reservations. We are the ones who order you to stop, breathe, and call in sick- to say screw your commitments if we see you sacrificing your mental health. We are the ones who say “don’t you dare settle”, and encourage you to unapologetically put yourself first. And if someone comes for you, friends from other houses will stand up for you, but Slytherin friends will hit them where it hurts in the pettiest fucking way imaginable… We will get our hands dirty so you don’t have to, and we won’t mind it at all.

    Basically: Hogwarts functions best when there is a bit of house unity, imo. 🙂


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