5 Feel-Good Shows To Binge Watch While You’re Snowed In

Being snowed in sucks, but it sucks even more if you don’t have anything good to watch. If you’re not the type who likes to ingest emotionally-heavy shows in one sitting but you’d like something a little more immersive than a movie, here are 5 shows to add to your Netflix list. They’re entertaining and feel-good, but not so dumb that it’ll annoy you (well, not that much, anyway). These shows are just good, clean fun, and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

1. Psych

magic head

In this one, a fake psychic detective convinces the police to let him and his buddy help out on cases, and they eventually make enough of a name for themselves that they start their own little crime-solving side hustle. Implausible, yet awesome. if you like the mystery of crime shows but not the real-life anxiety that comes with watching too much Law and Order: SVU, then this is perfect for you. Psych is an underrated and genuinely funny show, and Dule Hill shines in a role that could have easily been nothing more than a “stereotypical black sidekick” type of deal.

2. Merlin

merlin and arthur

This interpretation of the whole Merlin/King Arthur story follows the famous wizard as a (big-eared, adorable) youth who finds out it’s his destiny to protect (the equally adorable) future king of Camelot, Arthur. Magic is punishable by death in Camelot, so there’s plenty of tension and conflict in the plot; Arthur’s also a dick, so there’s that, too.
Honestly, Merlin is like the funniest, lightest, most non-threatening fantasy series ever. It’s a family show that doesn’t suck – it’s just fun, and a good choice if you’re stuck inside with kids and can’t watch your Game of Thrones DVDs but don’t want to watch, like, Caillou or something. This one gets extra points for the following: Arthur being fine as hell, all the hilarious man-pain Merlin and Arthur go through, and casting a black actress to play Guinevere (you know, the future queen, nbd). My entire family loves this show, I shit you not.

3. Sherlock


If you’ve reached your yearly intake of Posh White British Dudes, then keep scrolling. If you still haven’t checked out one of the best Sherlock Holmes adaptations in recent history, a blizzard is the perfect time to check it out. An eccentric genius (white, British, and posh – what else?) solves mystery, all with the help of his equally white, equally British, and somewhat less posh sidekick. That’s it. Is it anything new? No, but the performances are phenomenal, so much so that you just might fall in love despite yourself.

4. Leverage

leverage cast

I’ll say it right now – Leverage is one of the most slept-on shows ever to grace basic cable. It lasted for 5 solid seasons but never quite got the credit it deserved, you know? A team of career criminals become modern day Robin Hood types, taking revenge on bad guys who are sometimes cartoonishly evil, all in defense of the common man. It’s cheesy AF, for sure, but there’s no shame in enjoying it when the bad guy actually gets what he deserves. Also, Aldis Hodge is a national treasure and should be in the all the things.

5. The Flash

the flash

This show is dumb as hell sometimes, but it’s so delightful I don’t even care. It’s worth a watch for the puns alone; seriously, take a drink every time Barry alludes to not being “fast enough” in an emotional/metaphorical sense, and you’ll spend the entire blizzard drunk out of your mind. And in case you somehow don’t know the general concept: Barry Allen develops super speed. He becomes a superhero in secret. That’s basically it, guys, but it’s just so darn cute.

The only not-cute thing about this show is all the pointless characters they added in season 2, and the way you can sometimes feel the show practically begging you to watch Arrow (another CW show that exists in the same universe). If I wanted to watch Arrow, I’d be watching it already. Please stop with the crossover episodes, like damn.

What are your favorite feel-good shows to marathon? Let me know in the comments. Happy watching, and stay warm out there! Also, here’s a gif of Drake rapping in the snow, because why not?

drake snow

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