Why Do People Act Like Dicks On The Internet?

The internet has made monsters of us all. Well, not really – it’s just made it easier for people who were already assholes to find new and creative ways to be dicks. This alone isn’t news, but every once in a while a headline will come along that reminds you just how messed up internet culture can be.

Case in point? The story of Leon Mitchell II: husband, father, business owner, and cancer survivor. Something else he wasn’t planning on adding to his resume? Being the subject of a cruel meme. You may have seen images of “Meth Curry” floating around your timeline, supposedly funny because the guy in the picture somewhat favors NBA star Steph Curry.

When Leon Mitchell found out that he was being compared to Steph Curry – if Steph Curry was on meth – that had to hurt. Even though it’s not cool these days to admit you have feelings, especially when it comes to things that happen online (because people love to pretend it doesn’t count somehow), Mitchell shared a moving Instagram post about the whole experience.

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So earlier today I was the butt of a not so funny meme "METH CURRY" directed at the outward physical appearance that I display. The fact that the meme was posted was a reminder of how distasteful and cruel people can be without background knowledge of the person in the bullseye of the target. I've struggled deeply for years with the devastating effects cancer treatment plagued my body with. The massive destruction it took on my neck, shoulders, nose, throat, and ability to function normally. I though have overcome all of those things and become so much stronger then the after effects of cancer treatment, and proudly bare myself and ravaged appearance to the world with KNOE shame!! I am strong enough to endure these attacks after years of rebuilding. However as we look at the power story I explain, let's remember these types of social media attacks on people can be massively detrimental to some who still battle with insecurities and uncomfortability with themselves and their battles. If we are going to allow something like this go viral Let's do it for the right reasons! I am more then a meme, I am a father, husband, survivor, mentor, community advocate, and Positive motivational speaker. Proud to have endured and conquered everything I have!!!! #FCANCER #FUCKCANCER #SURVIVOR #TEAMKNOE #KNOTNOWOREVER #AMERICANCANCERSOCIETY #STUARTSCOTT #POSITIVITY #LOVE #LIVESTRONG #POSITIVITYOVEREVERYTHING #FIGHT #FIGHTER #NBA #SICK #METHCURRY Follow @knoe_clothing and get the real message Knoeclothing.com

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Hats off to him. Not many people could have handled such a messed up situation with the grace and eloquence he demonstrated in that post. Myself, I probably would have holed up in my room for at least a day or two with Taylor Swift playing on repeat.

I’ve never liked the trend – especially popular among black folks, I feel – of making fun of random people online. Whenever I see a photo of a stranger that was obviously taken without their knowledge or consent, I tend to think the same thing every time: How is this legal and accepted? But then again, I’m a Hufflepuff, so.

When things like this come up – and jerks are called out for being jerks – I’ve noticed that many people rush to complain about the PC police. They do this because they hate feeling like their behavior isn’t the norm. They hate feeling embarrassed in the pursuit of embarrassing someone else.

Because here’s the thing. Thanks to the internet, grown ass men and women who should have better things to do are able to get together and point and laugh at strangers. Thanks to the internet, they get to feel good about doing it because they’re not the only one. But honestly? Grow up, fam. Have a fucking heart, and for the love of God, stop tearing down our own for the sake of a few fickle “likes.”

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