Brace Yourselves: Ron Weasley Is Coming To A TV Screen Near You

I’ve admitted it before, and I will admit it again, right here, right now: I was wrong about Ronald Weasley. At the tender age of 12-years-old, during a Harry Potter-themed sleepover, I made a prediction with the kind of confidence only a middle-school Harry Potter superfan could have: Ron is going to be the least successful of the trio. Mark my words.

I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.

If you would have told 12-year-old me that Ron would eventually become my favorite member of the trio, and Rupert Grint my favorite HP actor, I would have spit in your face and called you a blasphemer.

But these days? I love Ron. I will defend Ron all day. I will get in a fight over this dude and the sanctity of his character. Book-Ron is the original ride-or-die BFF, and his flaws (namely, his being a giant douche in the middle books) only made his personal growth all the more powerful to read about. The movies didn’t do him justice, instead reducing him to a montage of funny faces and one-liners and giving his best moments to Invincible Superwoman Hermione, but I’m not even gonna go there right now.

The movies are over. Let’s focus on the present. And right now, there is good news to celebrate: stupidly-lovable Ginger Bae Rupert Grint will be coming to our TVs soon. HuffPo reports that Rupert is set to star in an NBC pilot about a dude and some comic books and a secret world. I don’t know, whatever, it sounds dope. Rupert Grint! I’m into it.

ron weasley

Keep winning, boo.

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