Amy Schumer on the Cover of Ms. Magazine is White Feminism at its Finest

First off: ya’ll should know better.

Secondly: ya’ll should know better. Ms. Magazine is one of the most respected feminist publications currently in print, but no one thought about, I don’t know, not putting a racist on the cover?

This is the most disappointing thing I’ve seen all day.

The summer 2015 issue features none other than Amy Schumer on the cover, white feminism’s flavor of the month and person who likes to use black womens’ bodies as props and joke about how all Latinos are rapists. (And because it apparently needs to be said: jokes about race should dismantle stereotypes, not enforce them. They should probably be funny too.)

White Feminism: Where You Can Objectify Black Womens' Bodies And Still Be Considered an Icon of Empowerment
White Feminism: Where You Can Do Shit Like This And Can Still Be Considered an Icon of Empowerment

Now, this shouldn’t surprise me. I know that mainstream feminism Ain’t Shit (TM). But sometimes, even though I know I shouldn’t, I expect some places to do better. Ms. Magazine, one of the oldest feminist mags out here, is one such place.

And yet. And yet.

Here’s what gets me. I can think of so many women of color, famous and not quite famous, who are doing and saying such inspirational, feminist things, all while managing not to be a racist, but because they don’t fit the physical description of the “omg-so-relatable” white feminist that’s popular right now, you won’t hear about them in mainstream spaces.

Why does that bother me? Because I hate how we continue to have to search for intersectionality. I’m sick of digging through bullshit and rewarded mediocrity for the gold that goes ignored. I’m sick of racists being branded as modern icons and people who should know better refusing to do better.

i can't

But let’s look on the bright side. If there’s one thing we can (sort of) take solace in, it’s the fact that it’s only a matter of time before she’s replaced by yet another mediocre flavor-of -the-month feminist.

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