Kiki’s Delivery Service: Best Feminist Film of All Time?

In honor of the announcement that the collected works of Hayao Miyazaki will soon be available on Blu-Ray, I’d like to take a moment to discuss what is pretty much the best feminist animated movie of all time: Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Now I will admit that every time I see a movie that isn’t grossly sexist, I tend to be like ‘OMG this movie is the most beautiful feminist film ever,’ but KDS really is wonderful in that regard. When I was 12, I didn’t have a clue what feminism was, but I loved this movie because when it came to telling a girl’s story, it was different and better than anything else I’d ever seen. So with that said, here are 5 reasons why KDS is still one of my favorite feminist films ever.

1. Kiki’s Bravery


Kiki leaves home with not much more than her broomstick, her radio, and a snarky talking cat for comic relief. Despite that, she’s just like ‘yeah ok let’s do this, let’s find a new city and make a new life there.’ Shit, I wouldn’t even do that now and I’m in my 20s.

2. The romantic subplot doesnt make me want to vomit.

kiki n tombo

Usually when I watch movies about a Strong Female Character (TM) and an obvious love interest is introduced, I take that as my cue to sigh loudly and roll my eyes. Why? Because once that happens, then we’re usually about to spend the rest of the movie building up the two characters finally getting together, instead of, I don’t know, learning more about the awesome female protagonist and her story and how she’s growing as a person. KDS doesn’t do this.

3. Tomboooooo


Tombo is lovely. I love Tombo. Dude is respectful and passionate about things and thinks for himself –  dream guy qualities for baby feminists everywhere.

4. Kiki’s Journey


Kiki struggles in this movie. It’s not like on Glee where a sassy teen can just move to a brand new city and a perfect life just falls into their lap. Kiki has to hustle, and so she struggles, not just with her new job but with who she is and how she fits into the world. If you watched a lot of movies staring teen girls, you’d think the only thing they ever got upset about was crusty ass boys not calling them back. Yeah, that can be upsetting, but when I was 13 I worried about my place in the world too (in addition to crusty ass boys not calling back, because I’m only human). Anyway, it meant a lot for pre-teen me to see that kind of thing in a movie.

5. Dat Ending Tho

kds end pic

Kiki saved the day. She did it using her unique skills and by believing herself. How do you not love that?This movie was the shit to 13 year old me, and it still is.


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