The Walking Dead S4 Deleted Scene They Never Should Have Cut

This week in nerd rage: my displeasure with the final line of The Walking Dead’s season 4 finale was rekindled. Ever since the tension was beautifully mounted in the last few moments, only for Rick to utter that watered down nonsense (“They’re screwing with the wrong people”), I’ve basically been making this face:

huh gif

It’s the zombie apocalypse. People are out here coming back from the dead and eating their loved ones. Rick has been through hell. He bit a dude’s ear off, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t watch his language around women and children. What a gentleman.

Here’s a glimpse of how good The Walking Dead could be (and what Andrew Lincoln fought to keep, to no avail):

Though the setting is different in the comics, it’s still an incredibly epic moment for Rick. His people are scared and uncertain. They look to him for guidance, and this is the moment where it becomes clear that Rick has taken off the sheriff hat for good and has become the formidable leader their new world demands. (Basically, he’s gone full-on badass.)

Thanks for fighting the good fight, Andrew Lincoln. This version gave me the same chills the original scene in the comic did, and I love you for it.

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