“Star-Lord and the Power of Friendship”: Why Guardians of the Galaxy Made Me Cry

Guardians of the Galaxy was about friendship and love and more friendship. It was basically Sailor Moon in space and I cried through like the whole thing.

Spoilers after the jump!

Let’s Start With Peter’s Mommy Issues

Photo via Fandango.com
Photo via Fandango.com

Since I’ve become a mom, just the mere mention of motherhood makes me tear up. Seriously. You know those overly dramatic Huggies motherhood commercials? Five seconds in and I’m covering my face in my hands, lost in memories of the first time I held my son and sniffling into the nearest soft surface. As soon as I saw Peter’s mother on that hospital bed, I was done for. Sure enough, by the time we got to the ’26 Years Later’ I was hoping the person sitting next to me wouldn’t be distracted by my gleaming face.

Basically, any scene that involved Peter’s mom or her letter or her present, I just. No. I couldn’t handle it.

Rocket’s Drunken Vulnerability

Photo via BusinessInsider.com
Photo via BusinessInsider.com

I didn’t expect to be moved to tears by the drunken emotional ranting of a CGI, cybernetically modified raccoon (no offense intended), but that’s what good characterization can do. His little arms hoisting that giant gun, ready to fight off the entire world if he has to? Come on. Who among us hasn’t felt like that? We all have insecurities, perceived faults we didn’t ask for and the metaphorical weapons we use to guard our vulnerabilities. Or something. I don’t know. Did you see that quivering lip? Oh my God. My heart was hurting. Let me be your friend and love you for who you are and get in bar fights defending you. “Ain’t no thing like me, ‘cept me!” indeed.

Groot. Just..Groot.

Photo via MoviePilot.com
Photo via MoviePilot.com

He literally saved the lives of his friends by wrapping them in a giant hug of love and friendship. That’s all I have to say.

Rocket’s Grief

Photo via Gizmodo Australia
Photo via Gizmodo Australia

It struck me that Rocket cried openly a lot in this movie. Ok, so like maybe 2 or 3 times, but even once would have been a lot for an action movie. Who else is pleased that GotG implicitly stated that being tough doesn’t mean not having any weaknesses or never showing emotion? I see you Marvel, challenging traditional masculinity.

Lonely People Making New Friends

Photo via The Atlantic
Photo via The Atlantic

I’m a sucker for friendship-themed stories. If you bring a band of misfits together, have them hate each other, then eventually become best friends forever, I will pay $10.50 to watch it in a theater.

The love of a good friend is one of the greatest gifts on earth, something that I think is often lost in the rush to shoehorn in romantic subplots. Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely a movie about love – the love of good friends, the love of a mother, and the love that it’s important to bestow upon yourself. Gritty comic adaptations be damned; this is definitely my favorite comic book movie in recent years.


4 thoughts on ““Star-Lord and the Power of Friendship”: Why Guardians of the Galaxy Made Me Cry

  1. You sound like you’d be really into the anime One Piece if you’re this big of a fan of friendship based tales haha. Really enjoyed this blog and looking forward to reading more of your work now that I’ve discovered this place!


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